What does my rent include?

Your rent includes operating, water and heating costs as well as WIFI access. Depending on the location, your rent may also include electricity costs. The broadcast fees (Rundfunkbeitrag) are not included in the rent.


Are the costs settled at the end of the year?

We charge for water and heating. This is to ensure that you don’t pay for your neighbour, but only for your own consumption.


Can I move into an apartment with someone else?

– All apartments from 25m² can also be rented by two persons. However, as two people wear out an apartment more and consume more water than one person, we charge a surcharge on the rent (so-called Double Occupation Fee). This varies according to location and apartment type. Please ask us specifically if you would like to move into an apartment for two or if another person would like to move in with you in the course of the tenancy.


How can I apply for an apartment?

It’s simple. On every property page there is an inquiry form, please fill it out or call our rental hotline 03022027031. This can be reached continuously seven days a week. We will get in touch with you immediately and arrange a viewing appointment. After you have looked at the apartment, you can upload your general data (name, date of birth, etc.) and documents (salary certificate, matriculation certificate) to our website and receive a rental agreement by e-mail within 24 hours. All you have to do is sign it and email it back to us.

Are the apartments furnished?

Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchenette and most of our apartments are unfurnished. We have deliberately decided against a nationwide furnishing, because your rent is about 20% cheaper than the products of the competition and we give every tenant the opportunity to realize themselves.
However, in almost every house we have individual furnished apartments. Please ask us specifically about it.
Amazon and IKEA have developed furnishing concepts to ensure that furniture can still be furnished quickly and easily. We will gladly give you these after conclusion of the rental agreement.


Is there an admission fee?

In comparison to other providers, we do not charge an admission fee.

How much is the deposit and when do I get the deposit back?

The deposit is usually always three net rents (the amount is regulated by law). After your move out, the deposit will be returned to you within the statutory period – but no later than six months after your move out.


Where can I report problems?

If anything should happen, we have set up a 24 / 7 hotline for our property management. You can reach them every day by calling 030-544 45 292. In addition there is a caretaker in every house and depending on the location we have an office directly in your house.


Are pets allowed?

Basically we have nothing against it, but it depends on the size of your favorite. Please ask us directly. 


What happens if I have to move out early?

If you move out due to a job or change of place, you can do so at any time, all you have to do is provide us with a new tenant. This is relatively simple. Simply post a notice on the notice board at your university or advertise your apartment simply online (Facebook etc). We’re charging a small fee if you want to move out early. This can be offset against the deposit at your request. 


When do I pay the rent?

The rent is always due at the latest by the third of each month, so that there are no delays, you give us in the lease a direct debit authorization. This ensures that the rent is always paid on time.


Do I need a guarantor?

If you are a young professional or a professional, you don’t need a guarantor. If you are still in training or studying, we need a guarantor to ensure payment of the rent.


Can I connect a washing machine or dryer in the apartment?

Every LIVUS apartment house has a washing cellar with several washing machines and dryers. There is no possibility to connect a washing machine or dryer directly in the apartment.


Can/may I register an Internet connection myself? 

When you move in, you will receive login data for a W-LAN access for the entire duration of your contract. For technical reasons it is not possible to book an internet or landline connection for your apartment yourself.


Can I drill holes, colour the walls or change the furniture?

Three times No Look: The whole apartment with kitchen is approx. 25-35 QM. This area is used for sleeping, cooking and showering, so we have provided all the apartments with lime putty and high quality paint and varnish, so that mold has no chance.  
Every DIY store offers holders for attaching various items, which can be easily removed from the wall when you move out. After moving in, we will be happy to give you recommendations for the usual products on the market.

And finally : our contribution to the environment !

Livus specializes in creating revitalized homes wherever possible – instead of choosing the simpler way of completely demolishing a building and building a new one, Livus is carefully energy efficient refurbishment – thus saving valuable resources. The life cycle of the building is extended and the ecological balance significantly improved.
The climate protection targets of the Federal Government envisage energy savings of 19% in the building sector by 2020 (compared with 2005). Only with new buildings can this goal not be achieved. The energetic refurbishment of existing buildings therefore plays an important role. Existing buildings have one advantage over demolition and replacement construction that has received little attention up to now: energy savings in building operation can be achieved with a much smaller expenditure of resources and lower environmental impacts than in new buildings.